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The HeartWay provides an integrative approach to the healing of body, mind, and spirit for those confronting a life-threatening illness, critical lifestyle change, or finding themselves caring for someone with a critical illness before, during, and after death.

About The HeartWay

The HeartWay is a conscientious organization driven not by profit but by compassion. Our primary focus is to provide an integrative and comprehensive care plan that strives to strengthen the bodies and hearts of those during life transitions. The HeartWay’s unique approach is devoted to enhancing quality of life by utilizing resources, education, and personalized care.

The HeartWay is dedicated to reversing the culturally prevalent denial of death and encouraging a return of intimacy, reverence, and sanctity to death and dying.

The HeartWay seeks to inspire, educate, and offer fresh and creative end-of-life options that are not typically acknowledged in our Western medicalized approach to death.

Embracing Life is…

  • Living in the moment
  • Seeking nurturing support
  • Pursuing new knowledge
  • Willingness to grow
  • Adapting to change

Embracing Life allows us to…

  • Know and truly accept ourselves
  • Engage ourselves with an open and accepting heart
  • Approach our lives with the ability to create
  • Choose our path
  • Give and receive love
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Honoring Death is…

  • Allowing compassionate support
  • Integrating death into life
  • Willingness to be present in the moment
  • Making informed choices
  • Acknowledging our fears about death and dying

Honoring Death allows us to…

  • Embrace life until we take our last breath
  • Reconcile feelings and relationships
  • Experience meaningful connection with others
  • Trust our faith
  • Feel a deep sense of love for ourselves
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The HeartWay envisions a world where no-one dies alone, fear-laden, and has the opportunity to be met with compassion, respect, and loving care.

The HeartWay is devoted to be an invaluable resource to the communities we serve by guiding those in end-of-life transitions, as well as offering support to their caregivers and loved ones. Through continual education, training, and advocacy The HeartWay provides a platform in hopes of inspiring an understanding of death that allows for an awakening in life. The HeartWay presents resources and tools to expand approaches in honoring death.

Meet Andrea

Dr. Andrea Deerheart is the passionate founder of The HeartWay. She has gathered knowledge and wisdom from decades of guiding many people of all ages through the inevitable trials and tribulations surrounding life and death, supporting them physically, spiritually, and psychologically.

Her work and teaching encompasses issues related to optimal wellness of mind and body – death and dying – grief and loss, and compassionate, mindful and supportive care.

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Andrea comforted my soul and brought me so much peace. She arranged for all the required care and held my hand all the way to the end of my daughter’s life and beyond.

Ladan Sahafi

Andrea is a wave of fresh air that leaves no stone unturned in her quest to soothe those who hurt and are in pain.

Peter Kote, JD

Andrea’s love and understanding became part of Barbara’s being. She was spiritually there for, not only Barbara, but for our entire family

Jerry Silverstein