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The HeartWay was born out of the work of our Founder and Executive Director Dr. Andrea Deerheart, which encompasses the issues related to optimal wellness of mind, body, and spirit during dying and death–grief and loss, and compassionate, mindful and supportive care.

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Volunteers are the heartbeat of The HeartWay

Our volunteers offer vital support and are infused with understanding, empathy, unconditional love, generosity, and compassion. Their altruistic actions serve to bond our community and we very much appreciate their service to humanity.
I choose to consciously contribute to assisting others in their end of life care. It brings me peace knowing that by volunteering at The HeartWay, I am participating in a process that is sacred. I want to help bring solace and peace to others.
Jennifer Cooney
The HeartWay has taught me so much about honoring death, I feel blessed to support others along their journey. My heart is full now after having finally found my life's greatest work.
Melissa Diaz
"Volunteering with The HeartWay gives me an opportunity to weave my soul's passions and gifts with the beautiful mission of honoring death. Through serving from my heart, I grow closer to my higher vision. It is a blessing and honor to serve a sacred mission."
Joy Steuer
"I am touched and inspired by Andrea and the HeartWay. Embracing others and their families in a loving and compassionate way as they transition is certainly a spiritual gift."
Brad McMahon
"For me, volunteering for The HeartWay allows me to help and advocate for a cause greater than myself. It has been my privilege these last months to better understand how a nonprofit operates and the care given to those at the end of life." 
Nicholas Raetz
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