ways to give

Your Support is Powerful. Make an Impact.

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries of a dear loved one who has passed – these are all moments that have significant meaning in our lives. One possible thoughtful and caring way to honor these times is to make a donation to The HeartWay in the name of a loved one.

A Gift in Honor

Celebrate and make a donation in someone’s name.

A Gift in Memory

Be a part of our future by including The HeartWay in your plans. Honor your loved one with a donation to The HeartWay.

Legacy Gifts

Planned giving can help ensure your life’s assets go to the people and places you care about. The HeartWay can help you plan for charitable giving today, so your life’s work benefits both The HeartWay and your family in the future. Whether you’re considering an estate gift, charitable trust or other type of giving, many options have tax benefits and can help you live your years in retirement to the fullest. Many who approach us have questions about tax exemption, giving options, and how to make gift arrangement. We can help you plan your legacy giving.

Monthly Gift

Our work depends on steady, reliable support from compassionate, committed champions like you. Your gift is processed automatically each month, saving you time and trouble. You are in control and can make changes to your ongoing pledge at any time. Become a HeartWay champion.

Scholarship Gift

As you start to think of how you can be charitable this year, consider the gift of scholarship for our End-of-Life Practitioner program. It’s a different way of giving back and can leave a legacy for years to come. Scholarships make a real difference by helping lessen the financial strain of school so our students can concentrate on the most important thing: learning. Small donations can add up to make a real difference and any gift, regardless of how big or small, can have an impact and inspire others to donate in the future. Leave a Lasting Impact.

Stock Gift

With a charitable gift of appreciated securities held long-term, the donation you make and the deduction you get are greater than they would be if you were to sell the shares and donate the cash proceeds instead. That is because when you donate shares, you avoid paying the capital gains tax. Gifts of stock can help The HeartWay continue to provide end of life care, counseling, education, advocacy, ministry, and programs to help ease the challenges that arise with dying and death, and the grief that follows.

Click here to download a pdf stock gift form.
All gifts are tax-deductible within IRS limitations. Email deerheart@theheartway.org for questions or for assistance.