Memory tree

an online Memorial for your Loved One

We invite you to share your love by participating in our online memorial. Honor your loved one in this beautiful and heartfelt celebration with this long lasting memory.
The Memory Tree is a special memorial for our loved ones. This tree symbolizes human life, full of hope and strength - with blossoms that represent love and remembrance.

Choose your Memorial Level

With your annual tax-deductible contribution you will be creating a lasting memory and honoring your loved one by adding them to our beautiful cherry blossom tree.

Memory Blossom Bud

$50 (loved one honored by name only)

Memory Blossom

$150 (loved one honored by name and date of birth and death)

Memory Blossom Florets

$250 (loved one honored by name, date of birth and death, and message)

Memory Blossom Branch

$500 (loved one honored by name, date of birth and death, message, and photo)

The Memory Tree is scheduled to be launched on March 20, 2022. You will be notified by email and will be invited to view your loved one's memorial on this website. Our goal is to eventually have a beautiful grove of Blooming Memory Trees on our website to honor our loved ones throughout the world.

Each tax-deductible dollar donated directly supports us in providing counseling, education, advocacy, end of life care, and programs to help ease the challenges that arise with death, dying and the grief that follows. You can make a one-time donation to our memory tree or make it a recurring monthly gift. Together we can make this heart-centered holiday season peaceful and bright, inspired by the memory of our loved ones and new beginnings in the year to come!

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