Embrace the Summer Solstice as a time for transformation, healing, and renewal…

Integrate sacred rituals and practices to honor this time of rebirth as you navigate grief, loss, and love.

Ancient and modern rituals provide a way to reflect on difficult emotions in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling stuck or isolated — but instead allows you to set yourself free to experience the transformation and healing potential of the Summer Solstice.

For centuries, many cultures have celebrated The Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, as a time of renewal and transformation. Symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, it’s a powerful time for setting intentions, connecting with others, and embracing new beginnings.

It’s a time for spiritual rebirth, opening to deeper connections within ourselves, with our ancestors, and with the natural world around us.

And if you’re navigating grief and loss, this can be a sacred time to honor these complex feelings — feelings can be so painful and overwhelming at times, yet are part of the beautiful journey of loving someone.

Join Dr. Deerheart for a very special 1.5-hour event as she guides you and your fellow participants through several ancient and modern rituals and practices to honor the Summer Solstice and support your own transformation and healing.

Like many timeless solstice celebrations, this event is a (virtual) communal gathering to foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose, even in our darkest moments.

You and your fellow participants will experience how guided visualizations, journaling prompts, intention-setting exercises, and meditations can help you experience the Summer Solstice as a potent time full of natural energy, spiritual growth, and profound healing.

We hope you’ll grab your journal (or your favorite notebook) and a pen and join us!

In this free online event recording, you’ll experience:

  • A guided visualization in which you’ll bring to mind a challenge you’re navigating right now — then imagine yourself embracing the change and welcoming the transformation that it brings.
  • A guided journaling exercise featuring prompts to help you reflect on your experiences of loss and how you’ve navigated them.
  • A collective ritual to mark the Summer Solstice and set intentions for the season ahead  — if you’re feeling called, you can even contribute to your digital collaboration board.
  • A guided meditation in which you’ll set your own Sankalpa — a Sanskrit term that means intention and holds a deep significance in yogic and Vedic traditions — to help you cultivate love and gratitude in the present moment.
  • A closing meditation to center and integrate the experience of everything you’ve learned — so you can carry it with you into the summer and beyond.

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Andrea Deerheart, PhD, ELP, is the founder of The HeartWay, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to embracing life through honoring death. Her pioneering work draws on her wisdom gathered over decades spent providing loving care and healing to those on the journey of conscious living and dying. Andrea’s primary work and teaching focus on issues related to aging, radiant well-being, cultural mythology, death and dying, and living a more compassionate life — as well as grief, loss, and mindful, compassionate care.

The author of the recording Yoga Nidra: Graceful Transitions, Andrea is also a 500hrRYT yoga instructor (the highest international standard for yoga teachers), a Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor, and a sought-after consultant, educator, writer, and poet.


Death, like birth, is a natural, accepted, and honored part of life, yet most of us avoid thinking about what we need to do to be at peace with it. If we think there will always be more time, we put off both our dreams and our obligations.

Let’s return to an awareness of our impermanence, so we remember the privilege it is to be alive and live more fully in the time that we have left.

— Dr. Andrea Deerheart

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This free event is made possible by our generous supporters.

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Our mission here at The HeartWay is to create a world in which individuals, families, and communities had a harmonious relationship with end-of-life transitions — and even the grief that follows.

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