Restore your well-being with the Yoga Nidra practice to reduce anxiety and pain and put yourself in a state of ease.

This two-day online zoom program is an hour and a half session that includes a Yoga Nidra practice once a month. Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a style of meditation that guides one into a deep state of consciousness between awake and asleep. In this state, the body and mind are deeply relaxed. This profound state of consciousness has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and pain. One of the goals of this practice is to restore well-being even in the state of dis-ease, dying, and grief.

*Please create a space in your home where you can completely relax. You will need a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket available to enjoy this practice. You may also lie on a lounge chair or a bed.


For more information: or (949) 433-8228