Access the means to transcend fears and inspire peace, love, and compassion.

Yoga Nidra the art of conscious deep relaxation awakens a return of intimacy, reverence, and sanctity to dying and death by offering an accessible means to transcend fears and inspire peace, love, and compassion. Death commands awe, terror, and fascination with the human encounter with the divine. Yoga Nidra End-of-Life Training is supportive in managing pain, anxiety, and cultivating spiritual serenity.

This course is for anyone trained as a Yoga Nidra Instructor

During this 3-day online course, students will experience Yoga Nidra End-of Life Training and learn how to bring this ancient practice into those who are experiencing fear of death, a life-threatening disease, terminal illness, grieving, or nearing the end of their life. Learn what the key social, cultural, physical, emotional, and spiritual factors that may impede or enhance transition to end of life. Comprehend the requirements both personally and professionally that are required to provide effective and compassionate services to those that are living with serious illness, loss, and end of life concerns. Define the contemporary end of life paradigms and environments. Demonstrate how to create and hold sacred space your clients at the end of life.

Topics covered in this training are:

  • Contemporary End of life Paradigms
  • Examine and Practice teaching Yoga Nidra for End-of-Life Care
  • Learn the practical applications of Yoga Nidra End-of-Life Training
  • Contemporary End of life Paradigms
  • Fear & Denial of Death
  • The History
  • Mythology
  • Science of Yoga Nidra

Now Approved for Yoga Alliance CEU’s!

This course is for any certified Yoga Nidra Instructor from any school (student must provide proof of certification)

Instructor: Dr. Andrea Deerheart

Course Credits:

This program qualifies for 24 hours of Yoga Alliance (YA) Continuing Education credits.


June 2nd, 2023 - June 4th, 2023, 9:00am - 5:00pm PST

Course fee:  $695

"Dr. Deerheart's work feels like the heart connection we are longing for in the death/dying process. A wholistic approach to help people on their transition journey and their families." ~Melissa Hepler
"This workshop has stimulated a sense of awareness and understanding of prana and love for Yoga Nidra. It's beyond words." ~Rebecca Orban
"This special workshop belongs in the lives and hearts of all who have or will touch the sacredness of death, which is everybody!" ~Joy Lise Steuer