Save the Date! Saturday, Nov. 2, Laguna Beach, CA

Save the Date!
Saturday, November 2, 2024
Laguna Beach, CA

Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is like an annual family reunion — except our departed loved ones are the guests of honor!

Tradition holds that during this special time, we can be reunited with our loved ones for a joyful celebration of life. Día De Los Muertos is a celebration of the memories and bonds that tie us together through life and into the beyond.

Día De Los Muertos celebrates the belief that when people die, they don't cease to exist. Instead, their souls carry on to the afterworld. Death is but a continuation of life on another plane of existence…

This year, we’ll be celebrating this special day with a festive event, not only to honor our ancestors, but to raise awareness of and support for our work — caring for those in the death and dying process and their loved ones.

Join us as we remember our loved ones and celebrate their lives…

Here at The HeartWay, we’re honored to serve those at the end of life, and their loved ones, too. And because we never charge for our services, we simply could not exist without you.

The support of our sponsors makes it possible to serve our clients as we sit by their bedsides, provide grief support to their families, facilitate education, put them in touch with services, and anything else they need to feel completely cared for.

All proceeds from our Día De Los Muertos Celebration event will go directly to serving clients and helping us cover the costs of running our small non-profit. Your generosity also makes it possible to train our end-of-life practitioners — equipping them to be present for each family’s needs, and supporting them at this critical time, no matter how long it takes.


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