Saying Goodbye

grief & loss Jan 27, 2022

Saying good-bye to someone you love is unfathomable. My heart aches every time I bare witness to this painful grief process. How does one even begin say to good-bye to the person that they shared life’s joys, sorrows, dreams, adventures, and love? Once you have found a home that you feel will care for your love physically, emotionally, and spiritually, then the challenge becomes trying to say good-bye!

There is no easy or right way to say good-bye to the one we love. I do know that we must first navigate through the feelings of loss, sadness, fears, and anxiety. Many questions will begin to haunt our minds like: How do we live without our love at home? Will they be lonely? How can I live alone?, How will I survive this paralyzing guilt? These are only a few of the questions that haunt us as we say good-bye.

Acknowledging and honoring our painful emotions can be the first step to deep understanding and inspiring acceptance! These emotions will take time and tears to even begin the healing process. I have found that engaging with a compassionate network of support such as friends, others that have walked in these shoes, organizations that specialize in grief work, and connecting with nature can be of insurmountable help.

In time, one can begin to re-mythologize (re-formulate) a compassionate, loving and beautiful relationship with our love.

Please be kind to yourself during this process and know there is an opportunity for growth and love during this difficult transition time.

With the deepest of compassion and love,
Dr. Deerheart