Using wisdom gathered from decades of guiding the dying, from intensive psychological, pragmatic & spiritual practices.

Death is the most universal and captivating mystery of our humanness. As it approaches, it brings up emotions that are unpredictable and often frightening. But this natural event can also be a time of growing closer, sharing stories, forgiveness, healing, and peace.

As End of life Practitioners (death doulas), we provide emotional, spiritual and pragmatic support to guide the dying and create the space for families and caregivers to spend quality time together which allows time for loved ones to navigate the grieving process.

We work intimately with all end-of-life support and our approach is complementary or (integrative)  to traditional Hospice Care. Drawing from wisdom gathered from decades of practical experience supporting the dying, intensive psychological training, and experience with pragmatic and spiritual practices focused on death and dying, we offer in-person, telephone, and Internet based support services designed to help individuals and their loved ones face, embrace, and be present in life and death.

Client Testimonial

The Heartway’s unique and caring understanding of end-of-life was absolutely amazing and helped our family to better embrace life, and honor Lois’s passing in early 2017.
Scott & Linda Marvel

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