With compassion and support, we create a safe place for expressed and explored feelings and hold a space for healing.

No two people grieve alike. The stages and feelings that are experienced by individuals, their family, caregivers, or community when encountering death and dying are unique experiences and manifest in different ways. Grief can affect us physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, and spiritually. After a loved one dies, this is a time for the utmost love, respect, and patience in our lives.

We can create a safe place for feelings to be expressed and explored before, during, and after loss. We understand that these feelings can be cyclical, confusing, uncomfortable, frightening, and overwhelming. We also recognize that grief can be a deepening, enriching, and empowering process, because grief, like death, is part of life. In short, our mission is to help the dying live as fully as possible, and the living die as fully as possible.

Dr. Deerheart is currently providing expert counseling for death and life issues by online chat, video or phone, anywhere, anytime.

Client Testimonial

I met Andrea at the worst time of my life. My daughter of 11 years was struggling with Osteosarcoma bone cancer and was on her way to cross over the other side. And I, the mother, was filled with anger and love, felt lost and overwhelmed. Andrea comforted my soul and brought me so much peace. She arranged for all the required care and held my hand all the way to the end of my daughter's life and beyond. She is extremely compassionate and professional at the same time and I will never forget what she has done for my family and I.
Ladan Sahafi

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