Sister Saging Charity

Sister Saging Charity


Sister Saging Charity

Whispers echo from the eternal dove

the hymns of harmony of thy twin soul.

I hear the weeping of thy departed love.

I feel deep the truth in your sweet console

Feeling the throbbing beat upon my chest

The memories, the dream is ever whole

A love that bled deep within my souls breast

Has been heartened within your divine love

A pilgrim guest within your tender nest

Oh my dearest saging charity love

The shadow rests upon our bleeding hearts

Your tenderness fits like a velvet glove

Hear the sounds of the universal hearts

These sounds rejoice in our shared ache.

Can you feel the Divine love in these parts?

Your wisdom transcends like a limitless lake

Upon the charity of eternal glow

Guiding passion through the souls yearning ache

How thy love is present in deepest woe

I feel the silent thread embrace souls love.

Blessed touch of Divine love that you know

Thy inspiration is suggestive of

Loves true divinity within thy one.

Love discerns life! Love discerns death! One love!

Thy breath; Thy love; Thy Beloved are one.


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