Heart Pocket Love Letters

Heart Pocket Love Letters


I will send you letters of love when I can from this place that feels so strange. Look, feel, and listen for my letters that I will place in your heart pocket.


As you lay dying,

I witness your embrace. Words allude my lips the moment that awe pierces my soul.

How can it be that as you lay dying, I only feel life?

You are not speaking—yet I hear a thousand verses.
You are not moving—yet I feel your touch.
You are not here—yet I see you for the first time.

Death arouses life; life infects sickness
What is this lyric interlude of being?
This place of love’s breath elopes one’s darkness.

I find tears of awe streaming down my cheeks. How can your death bring so much love and life to my soul? You feel more alive today than I ever have known. There are no words to mute your essence. I feel you in my heart more than ever. My heart beats fast. My breath escapes—

I feel dreadful sadness as you leave me alone. Will you be gone forever? I never wish this feeling of sacred intimacy to escape. I feel closer to you than to another soul. When you leave, will you take me with you? I have known no greater love than this moment. A love, I pray that has not bounds, no body, no end—

As your weary body dies, your life lives in your death. You live and die today in my heart. I will look for your essence—

Thence, you will live within death,


Look deep inside of your heart pocket.
It is not distance that separates us—it is the mind and heart.
Feel my love—
Hear my whispers—
See my heart.


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