My work with those at the end of life continues to remind me every day of the fragility of this existence. I find myself at this moment in life grateful for the darken roads, the light moments, the touch of another, being here now, and for you.

As I sit on the ledge of a cliff—

The sun kisses my flesh—

The ocean roars upon my chest—

The birds chant in my ear—

The mystery of awe seizes my heart.

My tears burst from my soul filled with love, sadness, yearning, serenity, and devotion.

There was a day, I remember when—

I knew not of, love—

I knew not of, worthiness—

I knew not of grace—

Today, with your love, through my tears, I experience each breath as a precious jewel to cherish. Each moment of life and death continues to deepen my heart and touch my soul. Each moment I feel a birthing of a new dawn, the fragility of each breath and the glory of love.

May your heart open to your purest essence

May you live with the freedom to be your truest self

May you be held and hold others every day

May you feel loved...

You bring meaning to my life—

You have my deepest love and undying gratitude to your essence from mine,


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