Divine Love

Divine Love


Divine love

I felt the absence of my humanness.  

The remembrance fades in cosmic grey;

now I am suspended in absurdness.

How can one delay drifting astray?

Oh to surrender to the mystic soul.

Divine love’s embrace; how else can I pray?

I drift in thy one consecrated soul.

I rejoice in existence afterlife.

Love surprisingly blinds my yielding soul.

I pilgrim through the poetry of life

The lyricist dwells in the internal

tapestry of thy one immortal strife.

I hear the poet musing maternal

submission to the lasting void of love.

Divine love humbles my endless kernel.

Thy inspiration is suggestive of

death’s true divinity within the one.

Love discerns death! Death discerns life! One love!

Ares pricks the devout essential one;

My ego dies! My heart cries! I slash through!

I pray for redemption, thy Godly one.

Oh how love symbolizes the true hue

of thy mysterium tremendum guise.

Let thy truth shine vibrantly through and through.


I witness this truth in all human cries!

Feeling the throbbing beat upon my chest,

the memories, the dream never dies.  

Hear the sounds of the universal chimes?

These sounds rejoice in our collective Soul.

Can you feel the Divine love in these times?

The beginning, the ending are the same goal.  

Creation is one’s only reflection  

of death’s timeless, undying, loving soul.  

Thy breath; Thy love; Thy Beloved are one.

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