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Elli's Ride

As Elli’s last breath left her body, she gave us the greatest gift we could ever receive. In her brief 11 years in the world, this beautiful young girl showed us how to truly live and die…." Elli’s Ride: Death Beyond Imagination is the story of Elli and her spirit totem elephant Naaz-e-Jaan. On their adventures through far off ancient mystical realms, she learns to embrace life and honor death. Elli writes of her adventures in love letters that she places in her mother's heart pocket in the hopes of comforting her. This powerful tale has been beautifully handcrafted into a limited collector's edition. Only 200 numbered copies have been made, stitched by loving hands. Naaz-e-Jaan’s head peeks through the cover and there is a heart pocket in the back. A beautifully crafted handmade book written to tell a heart-warming story of Elli and her friend the elephant. It has a wonderful tactile experience as you flip the deckle-edged pages and arrive at the end with a heart-pocket. Read to discover the friends are their adventures.

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