We seek to ignite a global initiative to remember and mourn the loss of our loved ones through personal art and community participation.

WE ARE BACK! LIVE! IN-PERSON FOR THIS LOVELY EVENT IN 2023!! We invite you to answer the call and join us in making a banner or flag as a living testament to express your loss and the relationship you shared. To say that 2020 was a heart wrenching year is an understatement. So many loved ones were lost that we could not mourn properly due to COVID. If you have lost someone recently, we invite you to join us. You are also welcomed to join and participate in the loss of anyone you wish to remember and memorialize through the We Remember Project.

Banners and flags have been used throughout history, across cultures and traditions, to symbolically honor the death of a loved one, to express compassion, and to enhance healing through individual and collective participation. Our intention is that through mutual cooperation, participation, and HeArt centered creativity, we will inspire a cultural shift to emerge around a community-centered approach to grief and loss.

We will be collaborating on this event with the wonderful Alessandra Colfi and the Laguna Beach Seniors at the SusiQ.

Please complete the form below to be added to our list for 2023!