End-of-Life Practitioner Certification

Students will study the physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional evolution of the dying, as well as, the common signs and symptoms of approaching death.

Students will study this subject from a Depth Psychological, Psycho-spiritual, and Classical Medical perspective while learning to counsel clients through end-of-life concerns. You will learn important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for providing end-of-life support services; learn and practice end-of-life rituals such as Yoga Nidra: Graceful Transitions, Tonglen, vigil practices, after death care, and burial support services such as planning and officiation skills. You will also learn how to get started in a career and business as a professional End-of-Life Practitioner.

continuing education units

100 contact hours/300 total hours

Prerequisites: Students must first have successfully completed the Introduction to End-of-Life Practitioner Training Program.The student must have completed at least 1 year of end-of-life professional experience or (6 months or 60 hours client hours) as a Nurse, Chaplain, Practitioner, CNA, Caregiver, Death Doula/Midwife, Hospice Volunteer, or HeartWay Volunteer.

Evaluation and Measurement of a Successful Outcome: Students will take an examination using both multiple choice questions and case study questions to demonstrate proficiency in achieving the learning outcomes. A score of 75% is passing.

You will utilize the previously learned information from education including knowledge in the End-of-Life Infrastructure, History of Death in Western and Eastern Culture, Mythology of Death, Infrastructure, and Laws and Patient Rights in this course.

Each course level is designed to help you develop greater clinical competencies, strengthen your capacity for compassionate service, and enhance spiritual development. Both levels include reading and written assignments, quizzes, and case reviews.

The study of death is compulsorily multidisciplinary, so we include contributions from medicine, the humanities, and social sciences, as relevant. We utilize various instructional methods including experiential, research, theoretical, group work, and self-directed learning, and provide content not generally offered in most clinicians’ training.

level two program overview

Students will attend monthly in-person or online.

This is a 3-month intensive training program. Month one will be an in-person 5-day training followed by two once-a-month 4-day weekend online trainings. Upon completion, you will be a certified end-of-life practitioner.

Course Curriculum

Module I:
The Anatomy of Death & Dying
Module II:
Integrative Clinical Practices and Study
Module III:
Clinical Skills & Practice
Module IV:
Practices and End of Life Rituals
Module V:
After Death Care and Program Summary
Module VI:
Special Populations
Module VII:
Case Presentations & Program Summary

Level Two Course Schedule

May 11–15, 2023
June 23-26, 2023
July 14–17, 2023
8:30am-5:30pm PST
8:30am-5:30pm PST
8:30am-5:30pm PST

Meet our Guest Presenters

Dr. Deerheart has invited special guest presenters to offer their in-depth knowledge and expertise from their fields to further enrich the ELP Level Two program.

Dr. Dan Vicario

Daniel Vicario, M.D. is both a medical and integrative oncologist. He was co-founder and medical director of the San Diego Cancer Center and medical director at the U.C. San Diego Cancer Center for over 15 years. Dr. Vicario remains the Medical Director and Director of Integrative Oncology at the San Diego Cancer Research Institute (SDCRI) which he cofounded in 1998. Dr. Vicario conducts research in the area of evidenced based healing modalities to support cancer patients and Integrative Oncology in general. Dr. Vicario has received multiple recognitions and awards for his tireless and innovative support of cancer patients. Dr. Vicario has been teaching for over 35 years. We are honored to have Dr. Vicario bring his vast knowledge and experience to The HeartWay ELP training program. He will be teaching the Anatomy of Death Unit and providing valuable clinical support to our students.

Details Coming Soon!

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