Dr. Andrea Deerheart Ph.D.

Mary Franz, MA, LMFT

Mary Franz is honored to be a founding board member of The HeartWay.  She served as Secretary for the Board for four years.  Now retired, Mary’s career as a psychotherapist found her working in a variety of settings:  substance abuse recovery programs, boys group home, teaching in the Human Services Dept. at CSUF, and for Feeling the Blues program at Laguna Beach Seniors.  Mary founded Women’s Sierra Wilderness Adventures and led adventurous trips into the wilds of the Sierras for 20 years.

Her personal and professional life have given Mary a deep respect and appreciation for the scope of challenges that come for many at their end of life.  As a grateful recipient of The HeartWay services for family members and friends, Mary understands the value and comprehensive scope of services that The HeartWay so capably and heartfully provides.  She seeks to support Dr. Deerheart and The HeartWay so that countless others may also receive the benefit of respectful, wise and loving care as they live their last days.