What are the charges for your services?

There are no charges for services for those in need at the end-of-life and their families. The HeartWay’s primary motivation and greatest desire is to proactively help families conserve valuable resources, energy, and love, and provide meaningful focus and insight during times that are difficult, if not impossible to comprehend, that they may spend truly quality time with their loved ones in transition, honoring their life and death.

How is The HeartWay different from Hospice Care?

The HeartWay offers and provides supportive services that enhance Hospice Care. We work very closely with Hospice to coordinate the care of our clients.

Hospice is constrained by strict Medicare guidelines. Currently, benefits only cover 2/3 of costs incurred, leaving families with the weighty financial, emotional, and psychological burden of care.

The economic burden of end-of-life caregiving and the effects on the caregivers themselves too often leads to economic hardship and disruption of life and well-being.

Lacking awareness of the many options available at every stage of illness or crisis, and unable to deal with indifferent insurance companies frequently leaves the middle-aged children of the dying alone and over-burdened during a time of unspeakable grief.

The HeartWay is a non-profit organization whose expertise allows them to provide enhanced services above and beyond Hospice to those families in need of end-of-life care.

We are here to fill in as many gaps in the current impersonal system we can and are committed to providing compassionate, affordable and integrative end-of-life care at no charge.

There is no charge for our services. Donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible.

When is it a good time to reach out to The HeartWay for support?

NOW, if you are in need of support, resources, or services for:
• Advocacy
• Care and Caregiver Management
• End-of-Life-Care
• Grief Counseling
• Funeral & Memorial Services (inclusive of In-Home Funerals)
We are honored to walk by your side and help or will glad refer you to appropriate resources should your needs exceed our abilities.