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“As Elli’s last breath left her body, she gave us the greatest gift we could ever receive. In her brief 11 years in the world, this beautiful young girl showed us how to truly live and die….”

Elli’s Ride is the story of Elli and her spirit totem elephant, Naaz-e-Jaan (whose name translates to Grace in the Breath of the Soul). On their adventures through far off ancient mystical realms, she learns to embrace life and honor death. She writes of her adventures in love letters that she places in her mother’s heart pocket in the hopes of comforting her.

This powerful tale, written by Deerheart, has been hand crafted into a limited collector’s edition. Only 200 numbered copies have been created — stitched by loving hands. Naaz-e-Jaan’s head peeks through the cover and there is a heart pocket in the back.


The book launch and reception, held on Sunday, April 23, was a heartfelt ten-year anniversary celebration of young Elli’s life. Dr. Andrea Deerheart and Ladan (Elli’s mother) read passages from Elli’s Ride and all gathered for a beautiful ceremony underneath Elli’s commemorative flowering plum tree. Thank you to all who attended for a very special day.

Elli’s Ride collector’s edition books are still available! Please click here to donate and reserve your copy of Elli’s Ride. A $300 donation is suggested for your own copy of Elli’s Ride: Death Beyond Imagination. All proceeds to benefit The HeartWay


Deep gratitude to Scott and Linda Marvel for their generous donation in memoriam:
Lois Marvel, Beloved Mother.

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